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After months of hard work we are happy to release our new merchant portal in open beta.

What is new in the portal:

  • Faster and easier transaction search with the introduction of QuickFilter and QuickSearch
  • Better transaction management

    The transaction management* had a facelift and you now have a view of your transaction history under the new Order Details page

    * Please note that the current version of the portal only supports the transaction management of the following payment methods: Credit Card, Smart EFT, eBucks, DiscoveryMiles and MasterPass. All other payment methods are in the process of completion and will be available soon.

  • New User management

    The power is in your hands to add and manage users for more or multiple stores.

  • Better store management

    Have all the integration details at the click of a button and filter for a specific store's transactions

Any questions or feedback

Please send any questions or feedback regarding the new merchant portal to  We value your feedback!

Please select one of the links below to see how to use the new merchant portal

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